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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have we been operating in the market?

We have been in the market since January 2007.

How do we handle billing?

We have a flexible billing model depending on the type of service provided. We offer subscription-based, project-based and success fee-based billing.

What industries and branches of business do we have experience in?

15 years of experience also means a vast portfolio and hundreds of completed projects across various industries. Our clients come from nearly all sectors of the economy – from construction, heavy and light industry, through cosmetics and beauty and health-related products, to IT and high technology.

Are the services reported?

Yes, every service we provide is reported to the client on a monthly basis. Upon request, we can also report our activities on a weekly or quarterly cycle.

Who handles communication with the client?

A dedicated Project/Account Manager is always responsible for client communication. They oversee the coordination of ongoing activities, assign tasks to team members working with the client, and handle all reporting.

Request a Customized Offer

Contact us and receive a complimentary audit of your brand’s image in your chosen area. We will craft a personalized offer for you, free of charge, outlining the current assessment and recommended strategies.