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Public Relations

Our activities are visible! – Product PR, corporate PR, and Media Relations activities allow us to create a competitive advantage for brands in the market, as well as to build trust among employees, customers, and business partners. We ensure that companies stay close to their audiences, hence we support PR activities by organizing events and offering CSR-related services.

  • Media Relations – relations with the media
  • CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Events
  • Community Relations – relations with the immediate environment
  • Corporate PR and Investor Relations
  • Product PR
  • Crisis PR – audit, preparing the company for crisis – crisis management handbook, conducting crisis PR activities

Internal Communication

Employees are the best brand ambassadors. We place a strong emphasis on effective internal communication strategy. Strong and positive relationships between employees, various departments, managers, and partners are a key success factor for the brand.

  • Employer branding – building the employer’s brand
  • Internal communication strategies
  • Custom publishing – internal publications (newspapers, bulletins, newsletters, reports, trend books, albums, image publications)
  • Internal communication audits
  • Audits of newspapers and other internal publications
  • Special actions, CSR programs developed with employees, events

Strategies and Audits

A good strategy defines the goals and direction of a brand’s actions. Therefore, before we start cooperating, we get to know the Client’s business and then jointly set the goals and direction of our actions. By proposing business and communication strategies, as well as introducing brands, products, and startups to the market, we start with an analysis of the current situation. Then we get to know the target groups, and finally present our creative concept and proposed actions.

  • Communication strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Startup launches
  • Introducing brands and products to the market
  • Selection of communication tools
  • Support in setting marketing budgets